Hair care routine for Fine, Dry and Frizzy hair

I feel like most the time people just have 2 of those hair problems I list at the top, and only I have the 3 fold problematic hair. Hehehe

It took me a while to understand that the normal hair care routines were no good for my hair because of how it is. So if there is any of you out there with the same problem here is what I do for my hair to look nice.

TRESemme has become my best friend.
Before it I used to think only Dove would do the trick, but when I tried  TRESemme a whole other world opened up.

First I wash my hair every second day, not everyday, and not after a week. Why?
Well, not everyday because of the dryness, I would get even more dry if I did; and not after a week or so because on the second day my scalp itches like crazy and I can't stand not washing it.

I wash it with TRESemme's Keratin Smooth shampoo for straighter, smoother hair. It says it restores and controls the hair.
I don't know if it actually restores, but it definitely makes my hair look healthier and more in place.

Then, every time I wash it, I put the deep treatment masque as a conditioner.
Yes, I do not use conditioner. I have figured that for my hair conditioners do nothing, even the expensive ones. Only treatment masques get it untangled and smooth. And because I am not oily at all, I can put it all over my hair every time and leave it for as long as I want, that i will not make my hair greasy, or heavy or anything like that.
So I use TRESemme Keratin Smooth deep treatment masque, also for straighter and smoother hair. It says that it intensely replenishes each strand - true or false, I don't know. But it definitely untangles my hair and makes it a lot smoother.

Then I get out of the shower, dry the most I can with a towel. I then grab my Garnier Ultimate Blends with pure coconut oil, for dry and frizzy hair, put 2 pumps in my hands, warm it up by rubbing it, then I put it on the tips of my hair and whatever is left on the rest of the hair.
I then brush my hair and let it air dry.

I have stopped dying my hair, or putting any harsh products on it, or blow drying and curling.
This is because I am trying to get my hair back to the healthy looking it used to be before my treatment.
It already got a good hair cut, and some professional deep hydration on, and since then I have been taking care of it this way.
And I must say, it is working. It has become a lot easier to style it, and it is looking better everyday.

What products do you use?
Do you have a similar problem than me?

* This is not a sponsored post.


  1. I seriously need to get some of these products on my hair, it's so vile ugh! xx

  2. I looooooove Tresemme! I use their conditioners to dilute my dyes to pastels. Not so keen on the shampoo however those conditioners are the bomb! Not too expensive either :)



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