Finding a beautiful place to walk

Since my treatment I have become a weak person, all the muscles I had have just vanished, so I have been trying to increase my muscle percentage again.
It is very hard though when your day is really busy and you don't have the money to pay for a gym or something of the sort.

I am the kind of person that if I don't have a specific time to go work out, that I have to go there for, I just get lazy and don't do it. 
So I have been struggling to make myself go for walks every day.

The excuses are many:
- Today is really cold and windy
- Today is raining
- I'm so busy today I won't have time

And it keeps going.

My biggest thing is I need music. I like having background music playing when I'm going for a walk.
And guess what - I can't get my ipod to work. So... I don't want to go because I don't have music.
So I ask my husband to come along with me, so we can chat... and guess what - he doesn't enjoy going for walks everyday, and he is also busy.

But one day, when we both finally did venture for a walk, we decided to be a bit rebel and walk over muddy lands, jump over land separations, get ourselves scrapped like little kids, we found this gorgeous path that we just want to walk there all the time!

Here are some pictures of it:

We found a cute little family!

And we witnessed 2 male ducks trying to court 1 female duck! Hehehe

Beautiful right?!
Have you got an awesome place to walk? Does it help you want to go for walks?


  1. What a beautiful spot to go walking. Unfortunately where I live there isn't many places to go walking and I feel as though roads just don't have the same atmosphere as a beautiful country park or riverside. Hopefully I will find somewhere just as beautiful to walk soon.

    Shannon from x

    1. I agree with you completly, I used to live in a city before I moved to where my husband is, and it was just concrete everywhere, it gets boring, and you worry more about cars, and bikes and people than if you have a country side feel to go for walks.

      We live now in a more country side so it's easy to find pretty places to walk, but this place of the post was hidden! So try looking where you usually wouldn't.

  2. What a beautiful place to walk indeed. The mummy duck and her ducklings are so cute. xx
    Have a fab weekend. xx

  3. Oh, what an utterly lovely walk! So picturesque! I guess we do have places as beautiful where I live (Kent - I guess it's not named 'the garden of England' for no reason ;)), though I'm terribly lazy and rarely venture beyond the town centre! So sorry to hear about your illness and you feeling under the weather. I totally agree that having a routine makes an enormous difference to whether you keep up with exercise (I try to go the gym on the same days, at around the same time, so that I know I'll do it). Also, like you, I need to be listening to music - I just can't do it without! What's wrong with your ipod? Still, I think a beautiful walk with husband in tow is more than compensation :) Tx

    1. Ah do find a beautiful place and send me pictures, I would love to see a bit of Kent!
      The illness is just cancer... not just as demenishing it, more like I won't let it get to me, but thanks!
      Ipod is actually fine, I'm not managing to download music to put in the ipod. But I usually figure it out, so not pulling my hair off just yet! ;)
      I am blessed to have him as my husband, he really goes to all the measures to make me happy, love him deeply! :)

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You have just summarised my life - I have so many excuses and should walk way way more than I do.

    Lizzie Dripping


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