Conquering the World Together

Today I wanted to show you my hubby's travels around the world, and how much our united efforts have reached in the world.

These are the countries the husband went to:

These are the ones I went to:

We have been to the same places but not together at points, but these are the places we went to together:

And this is both our efforts together:

Cool, hey?!

We have plans to go to so many other places, we just need time and the most important MONEY! Hehehe.

Where have you gone to with your partner?


  1. U should go to ICELAND :) its lovely and beautiful :) I love traveling too and would love to conquir the world one day :D

    1. Iceland is one of the places we want to go to, so who knows, maybe sometimes soon!

  2. This is cool! I love that you used graphics to show where you both have gone!

    I have been in the US, Russia, Egypt, UK, Czech Republic and Austria. With Cyprus adding to the list in just under 2 months!

    Ree //

  3. Amazing! Lovely too see your travels :)

  4. Wow that is an impressive list.
    I myself have been to (I think) 23 countries and I am not done yet.
    Have a great weekend, Tobia


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