Cat furniture ideas for decorating your house

For all owners and cat lovers out there, my crazy cat lady moment takes over and shares with you some cat-ness!!!

People tend to think that if you have a cat you won't be able to make their toys and objects blend in with the house, also we know cats seem to prefer a cheap looking hand made thing like a shoe box as their bed than the fancy king bed you bought for it.

But as cat addicts, we like the cute stuff, and we enjoy looking at them and having some great ideas. So here are a few I thought were really cool:

Isn't that a fancy scratch pole?

That must be cat heaven right?!

This one is a cute way to incorporate your furniture to your kitty's bed!

This is pretty cool, but you kind of need to build the house around it....

Now this one I thought it was awesome specially because how the cat is relaxing on it and how some pieces of its' cuteness push through the holes!

This is a very intricate scratch pole / playground. I really liked it!

This one probably all cat owners should have, one because it is not hard to get and doesn't take up space anywhere!!!
A cat needs a scratch piece, and this is a very clever idea for people that don't have space for actual scratch poles! And you can adjust it to the height your fur ball needs.

This is cute, but probably not what the cat will choose  between an outside cold house to your warm bed... hehehe

This I thought is awesome for those of you who like the more modern look of things, you can still have a scratch pole that will look like a piece of furniture in your home.

Have you seen any cool cat related furniture? If you have I will love to get a link for it, or if you want to send me the picture too! I love seeing those.
Let me know. ;)


  1. OMG - I can honestly say those things are just crazy, talk about a cat taking over your home!!!!


  2. I have three cats and they would absolutely love that first cat post x


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