Bathroom Renovation

Every now and again we need to do some renovations, even if we try to keep things all nice.

So we took on a really big project - Renovating the bathroom.

It is a very small en suite bathroom, that means we could not tear down walls to expand it without loosing closet and bedroom space. So we chose not to take it to that extreme, but adapt around it.

Here are some pictures of how the bathroom was:

Now, the first change we wanted desperatly was to remove the carpet! We don't understand why people would want full carpets in their bathrooms, but this is probably a taste matter.
We ripped it out and laid a wood flooring:

Then we decided to paint the walls. It was a dark green colour, for a small room it gave the feel of an even smaller room than it was. We chose a tone of light blue for the walls, that would give the sensation of a bigger and brighter room, and it is one of our favourite colours:

We had a big problem with the plumbing a while ago, we had a plumber come in and fix it up, but that left us with a roten and broken back piece behind the toilet seat. So my hubby made a new back piece and painted it white.

We needed extra space to store towels and cleaning products, so my husband fashioned a wonderful cabinet from scratch:

We also repainted the ceiling white, it just needed a new coat of paint. And with that we cleaned out the extractor fan and painted the awful creamy colour to white:

The door needed a new fresh coat of white, so we gave a nice glossy white to it:

And finally we re-organized the decor pieces, got ourselves a new trash can and new bath mats:

It took a while for it to get ready specially because we did it all by ourselves, but we are really proud of it. Here are some pictures of the process:

Because it was such a dark colour originally we had to paint the walls white first, to then be able to put our nice light blue.

We also repainted the skirting boards.

This is the rotten piece my hubby fixed.

We really like what we did, what do you think?


  1. I love it, I think even the slightest changes can make such a HUGE difference. I think it looks fab! xx

    1. Thank you! I also think it looks fab!!! :)

    2. Thank you! I also think it looks fab!!! :)

  2. Now i'm the complete opposite when it comes to flooring. I prefer carpet over wood flooring and laminates. We have a carpet in our bathroom, I personally prefer it. Always think carpet feels more warmer x

  3. Great Job!!! Looks so much more HAPPY now!

  4. I love the new flooring, it looks fantastic!


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