25 questions tag: Get to know me a bit more!

I wanted to thank you all for following, liking, and sharing the blog. Thanks to you it has been growing a lot!
So I figured, if there is a lot more people reading my blog, that might want to know a bit more about the blogger behind it.

I found this 25 questions tag idea, that I thought it was really fun and decided to make my own version up, and to spice it up I thought of tagging some bloggers out there and see what happens! It would be awesome getting to know each other more and become friends.

Here we go:

1 - Do you have a middle name? If so, what is it?
Yes, it is Loreto.

2 - When you were a kid, what was your favourite game to play?
Apart from running around like a crazy person, I used to love playing fix the abandoned house up.

3 - When you were a teenager, what was your favourite activity?
Dance classes.

4 - What is your favourite drink?
Mmmm, depends on my mood, but I would say English breakfast tea with milk. (Oh so posh of me! heheheh)

5 - What about your favourite food?
Also depends on my mood. Anything to do with fish or pasta I LOVE!!!

6 - What was the last thing you bought (being something nice or just regular stuff)?
Very last... a Pepsi with ice at KFC. Hihihih - It was hot! Don't judge me! ;)

7 - Favourite colour?

8 - Favourite author?
Dan Brown

9 - Favourite perfume?
Flash from Jimmy Choo

10 - Favourite brand?
This is a big one... I think I will say Maybelline.

11 - Favourite holiday you have been to so far?
It depends on what I am focusing, like the most fun was Disney World in Orlando, The most funny was Italy, the most beautiful was Patagonia, the most shocking in a good way was Hong Kong.

12 - What is the place you want the most to visit?
I have a huge list, where there isn't really a preferred order. I guess I'll say Egypt.

13 - Do you speak another language, if so which one?
Yes, Spanish, Portuguese, English (deeeer), and a bit of Italian and french.

14 - Favourite shop?
Mmm, I don't know.... Vintage shops, Cath Kidstone store, Starbucks... not sure.

15 - Favourite restaurant?
Wagamama... There are a whole bunch, but the one I think about most often is Wagamama.

16 - Favourite blog?
At the very moment is a Brazilian one called Morando Sozinha. It's about this girl that decided to go live on her own.

17 - What kind of computer do you have?
At the moment 2, I have a Samsung and a HP...

18 - What kind of camera do you have?
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H10 (I've had it for over 6 years... I think 7 actually)

19 - What kind of mobile phone do you have?
Blackberry Z10

20 - When was the last time you cried?
Yesterday... I bug went into my eye! ahahah jokes!

21 - When was the last time you smiled?
This morning, giving a kiss to my husband as he went off to work. (Oh so soppy)

22 - Are you a good cook?
I'm not a chef, but I think I can cook decent. Haven't heard any massive complaints yet! Hehehe

23 - How long have you been in the blogging world?
Ever in my life since April 2008, but firmly only since September 2014.

24 - What is your profession?
I am a Dietitian, with emphasis in Psychology, specialized in Personal Diet and Sport Nutrition.
Wow, right?! hehehe

25 - Are you happy being who you are at the moment?
Yes. There are a few loose ends but overall I think I currently am the happiest I have been in a really long time!

Now, If you have answered this tag, it's time to tag 5 bloggers you would like to know more about, and after you post, leave the link on the comment section of the person that tagged you, so they can read yours!

I tag: Angela at The O guide, Karl at Tartle blog, Bex at Tit-bits, Kate at Kate Beth Heywood, and Kara at Abracadabra girl.

I hope you have enjoyed this! And can't wait to read the answers!
See ya!


  1. Nice to get to know you some more. I loved your questions and answers. I love the colour white too and share your love for fish and pasta xxx

    1. Yay, I don't feel so alone now, I tought I was the only crazy person that loved white!!! hehehehe

  2. Haha, nice post. I like some of your more unusual questions like when was the last time you smiled - for me, it was just a second ago reading this.

    1. Aah, I'm glad my post made you smile, Thank you!!!!
      Now you made me smile!!!

  3. Great post Paola! And thank you for tagging me. I'll work on this over the next day or two :D xx


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