10 Things to do when you are alone at the house

When you are married or living with someone, you don't always get the chance to be 100% alone for a few hours, but then when you do, you just seem to not know what to do, and end up spending all your alone time thinking of the possibilities of what you could have done.

To avoid that I made my list of preferred things to do if that occasion comes.
You should make your own list too, and if you want to grab ideas from my list, here they are:

1 - Put the most comfortable PJs you have

No one will see you, so this is your chance to be relaxed 100%, and if that means wearing your birthday suit, go for it!

2 - Light up candles

I love candles and the ambiance it gives, so switching all the lights off and having candles lit is not only for romantic dinners.

3 - Give yourself a bubble bath

This is the chance to make a glorious bath with those expensive bubble bath products you got as gift once, and have waited for the special occasion to use. This is a special occasion, it's a date with yourself!

4 - Do some pampering

Be that doing your nails with some fancy pattern, or giving your hair a deep treatment, or even putting on those awful looking face masks that look scary when you are wearing them but make your skin look gorgeous when you are finished with it.

5 - Have some wine

Yes, you are celebrating yourself, so choose a relaxing drink you enjoy and sit to savour it. In my case that would either be some white / rose wine, or some bailey's with ice.

6 - Watch some movies

You those movies that you wanted to watch but your partner doesn't want to watch it? Well, now is the moment to pull them out, watch those soppy, weird movies while drinking your favourite drink and maybe even having some snack you love or take away food.

7 - Play games

If you are into playing games, but you never have the time to stop and play them, here is your chance! Grab them and have yourself fall into the fantasy world for a while.

8 - Dance

You know you are not a good dancer, or you are but you just wish you could let movements out without anyone judging you, even if you wanted to do those moves that are quirky.
Put your favourites songs nice and loud and just get into it - NO ONE IS WATCHING!

9 - Do some online window shopping

Yes, whatever it may be, your dream house, or those shoes you can't afford, or that dress that your partner will not like. Take the time to look at those things you dream about, and just imagine yourself having them, how awesome that would be.
Careful here, if you have a budget to spend a bit, go ahead and do it, but don't forget you have bills to pay and your partner may not like to come home to bankruptcy. Hehehe

10 - Read your favourite book

Yes, we may make some time for us in the days to read our books, but we usually do that when we are so tired that we probably fall asleep really fast, and then you don't get to read your book for a couple of hours maybe.
This is your chance, you will be relaxed, so read that book, you can do it while in the bath tub, or just seating in that comfortable couch that you never have time to sit on.

So here is my list of things I would do, would probably need a 24 hour no duties and alone time to get through them all, but it is good if you are not feeling into doing one thing you can do the other.

So what is on your list?


  1. I think I do all 10 of these when I am alone in the house. Although I also end up doing housework too!

  2. I definitely do the long bubble bath and comfy PJ's. One of the best things is watching things on the TV that my husband hates!

  3. I have a bath, watch some episodes of Pretty Little Liars with a candle lit and eat a massive box of chocolates x

  4. I like the ideas! would definitely add having a massive piece of cake to my list! might just have to tell the partner to leave for the day ;)

  5. This is so relevant to me right now. I definitely need to pick up some books and start reading more. Great post!

    Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty x

  6. These are some really good suggestions for a quiet, relaxing evening home alone! I particularly like the one about eating takeaway and watching a good movie :D x

    Stephanie | ouistephanie.com


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