The New Hair Cut

I have been for many years dying my hair, cutting it in all shapes and sizes, and this has done no good to it.

When I say many years I mean it! I can't even recall when I started dying it, but it has been happening at least since I was 14 years old.

I love changing my hair. It kind of separates phases of my life, whenever I went through something my hair would either get a haircut or a different colour.
Just to give you an idea, check this out:

My natural hair colour is chocolate brown, but it has been bright red, deep purple, dark blue, black, blond, orange... I probably have forgotten a colour that I have used, but right now this is what I can remember.
The above pictures are actually quite recent, so you can imagine the extent of damage my hair had.

Apart from me causing damage to it, my cancer treatment has taken a big responsibility for making my hair fewer, very dry, fine and opaque.

So after I finished the treatment I decided, now is time to start helping my hair back to what it was!

I decided to cut my hair, and even though I wanted it to be long (and so did my man), I knew quite a bit had to go to give my hair strength back.
Apart from the cut, I went for a deep hydration aswel, to try and bring it a bit of shine and a healthy feel.
It was not cheap. But TOTALLY worth it.

These are the pictures I took just before going to the hairdresser:

You can see the extent of my damaged hair!
But after 2 hours in the hairdresser, this is what it looked like:

AMAZING right?!

So what do you think of my new hair cut?


  1. Your new hair looks lovely, very sleek and healthy.

  2. Wow your new hair looks awesome! It's amazing how much better you can feel after a good haircut. I remember being a redhead for aaaaages and it damaged my hair so much (I dyed it from my natural blonde to brown to black to brown to red). Now I'm back to blonde(ish) and I'm so much happier, especially as the haircut that went with it was fab. I think you look beautiful anyway, but much better without the damaged hair x

  3. Looks stunning, the new hair cut really suits you.

  4. You look stunning! Your hair looks incredibly silky since the chop and those bangs totally suit you. Tx

  5. Amei o seu novo estilo de cabelo, está lindo e saudável *--*
    Deixou vc ainda mais bonita :)
    Ps: Reconheci aquele penteado logo de cara hahaha
    By Fernanda Souza

  6. Silky and soft hair is really powerful and more catchy. Well, your new cut hair is way more lively than the old one, as evident in the comparison photos.The length looks perfect, and the bangs fit the frame of your face well. Thanks for sharing that, Paola! Stay gorgeous!

    Collene Puterbaugh @ Baja Hair Center


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