Spring Haul

This is my first time doing a haul, so forgive me if I suck at it. ;)

I went out with my hubby just because the day was nice, and we wanted to take a stroll. The big problem is he loves getting me stuff I like. So I am a spoilt brat! Hehehe.

We were walking and we thought of taking a look in this antique shop my mother in law loves. Unfortunately it was closed, but the shop right next door wasn't, and they had very pretty handbags.
Looking on the window display I saw this gorgeous bag. Stupidly enough I pointed it out to my man and commented on how pretty I thought it was. That was it. We got in and he bought it for me!

This is a genuine leather bag, from Italy. It is not a designer bag, so it was not massive expensive, but it is a good bag so it had the price it should.
Come on, seriously! Isn't it SOOOOO pretty?!

Later on I remembered I had to buy BB cream.
I don't wear full foundation makeup everyday, I like the BB cream because it has a light nice cover and also helps the skin with the SPF and moisturising.
I have been using the Maybelline's BB cream, which I love. But this time I thought of trying another brand, just to see the difference.

So we went into Superdrug, and I tested all the BB and CC creams that were available in my shade. Many intrigued me with their different textures and things they supposedly do. But with elimination process I ended up choosing L'oreal Nude Magique BB cream.

To my misery there was a buy 3 cosmetics and win a cosmetic's bag promotion, so guess what happened?!

I suddenly remembered I was also running out of the clear mascara that I use to set my eyebrows. So I chose the cheapest one I could find - because this is a cosmetic for me that doesn't need to be super good, it just needs to comb my brows a little and fix it a bit with the gel. And the cheapest one we could find was from MUA - which is a pretty good brand, so I don't expect to be upset with the result.

Funny enough, I was never much of a lipstick girl, but since the past year and a bit I have become a bit of an addict. So for my final product, I said to my love "I want to try one of these lipsticks, choose the colour you like and we'll take that". I have for a long time wanted to try the 24 hour super stay from Maybelline, and he chose the raspberry colour! Hehehe

So I got my free bag, which I'll be honest, I did not like. I don't like the shape, the size, the colour and it smells strongly of chemicals - But I'm super happy with my makeup and will be doing a review on them soon.

I was looking around the shop just before leaving and saw this beautiful packaging and decided to show my man. He smelled it and said "You know what, we need more shower gel anyway, so why don't we try this one". I was sold! The smell was just too gorgeous to let it pass. I will be doing a review on it later on.

Cafe de Bain shower gel, in the Coconut Macaroon smell. Yum, yum!

Now, call me crazy, I don't care.
I'm fixing up some curtains of our room, and we walked past this haberdashery / fabric shop and remembered I had asked my sister in law to make me a scarf, but needed to get the wool for it.
I know it's spring and scarfs are not used for a while, and I totally get that, I just love scarfs, so I don't care if I get one in summer, I will still love it. *Hint hint, nudge nudge*

We went in, and it was a world of beautiful things, I almost went crazy. But I really liked a couple of wools and bunny (one of the weird ways I call my man) helped me pick one.
Pretty isn't it? I'm sure it's going to look awesome once knitted!

So those were my oddly picked but awesome things I got.
What do you think about them?
Should I try knitting the scarf myself? (I don't know how to knit, so it would be a self teaching adventure).


  1. I love a little shopping trip, you should give the knitting a go, its very therapeutic :)


  2. The bag is absolutely lovely, just so pretty and perfect for Spring. A great choice.



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