How to make a shared house feel like your own place

Not everyone has the possibility to get their own place when they want, and in my case that is true.
So to cut costs you live in a sharing house system, even if it´s with family.

The main problem with shared houses is that each person has a taste, and not the whole house will be decorated the way you want. So how could you make your specific areas be more you?
Here I show what my man and I have done so far.

We have a bedroom and a bathroom of our own. These were years ago my man´s sister´s area. She is a green colour lover. So both rooms are green. Luckily we both like green, so we just gave it our twist.
As you walk into the room, right in front of the door is the above mirror. This was a find in a antique store in our city. And pretty cheap too!

I just got a few days ago, this beautiful gift from my man - a personalized trinket box. This right now is part of my makeup station.

For me flowers is a big deal. I love colourful fresh and any kind of flowers. It just gives an up feel, specially if you go along with the seasons.

This candle lantern doesn´t just give a romantic feel when it´s lit but also it´s just pretty too, and gives that wall that has nothing special a great oomph.

On the top of our bed we have this awesome wood world map - which relates to us in a sense that we are travel bunnies and we are an international, long distance, different cultured couple.

By our bedroom door we have this little cute table, very shabby chic, with our incense burner, Buddah, and candle. We just love the good smelling stuff! ;)

In our bathroom we have this very small mirror - because it is a very small bathroom - but just because it is small doesn´t mean it shouldn´t have some love. So the little touch of the heart shape just gives it a simple but romantic feel.

On our bathroom window cill, we have some fake flowers but they still give a nice warm feel, and again candles.
I have not showed much of the bathroom because we are going to start renovating it 100% us soon, and it will be shown here on the blog each step and everything we do to it - so keep tuned!

I hope you have enjoyed some of our ideas to make this space our own.
What do you do to make your space more you?


  1. Such great tips - its always important to make the place you live feel like home wether you are sharing it with others or not

    Laura x

  2. I have that Partylite Buddha! we're Buddha buddies. Love your tulips also lovely.

    Hugs Elyse ||

  3. How beautiful. Your pictures of what you've purchased are amazing. My husband and I lived in a shared house in the 90s. It's a make do, but, as you show, you can make your personal space your own.


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