Down Memory Lane - Feather Poem

Me and my man when we were 14 / 15 years old.
As you may know English is not my first or my native language.
My first language was Spanish, and a few years later it was Portuguese which ended up becoming my native language.
When I was 14 years old, my dad was transferred to a new country because of his work, and obviously my mom, my sister and myself went with him.
This country was South Africa.
The biggest problem was only my dad spoke English, and my sister and I had to go to school.

So talk about learning under pressure and in a very unconventional way! Hehehe.
It is the easiest and best way to do it though, in my opinion!

So I started school, not understanding anything, and having to keep up with all the work.
Amazingly I caught on pretty quick, specially because I loved going to school back there!

So after my first year learning all the changes, in one of my English classes I had to write a poem, about an object.
I did so, and after handing it in, I got called by my teacher saying she was extremely proud of me and that she wanted to enter my poem in a school poem's competition.
I was up against all these native speakers, with amazing creativity, so I thought I would never get anywhere.

Until the day of the award results for all activities in school.
They called up - THE BEST POEM - Paola Cioppi.
Yes, really!

So I could say my English writing career may have started then.
And this was the poem I wrote - Do remember I was 15 years old, with poor English:


One day a feather dropped by my side,
I wondered from where it came.
I looked up, nothing was there.
A person said it came from an ordinary bird,
Another person told me it could be from any bird.
People told me to forget about the feather,
and it didn't mean anything,
That's what they told me,
But some thing in me saw other things:
The feather was soft,
It was ticklish,
It was fashionable,
It was useful,
It was sexy,
Somehow, something
Told me it wasn't just an ordinary feather,
But a special one,
Which could make my life change.
I wondered, I asked God:
Why is it so special?
The answer came,
It was in front of my eyes,
Then I smiled and thanked God for such a gift,
It was a feather from an angel's wing.
Not any angel,
But my guardian angel's wing.

- By Paola Cioppi 2002

Hahaha, or maybe I was just up against not very good poems. It was 34 poems against mine, and I won first price!

Nowadays I think this poem is kind of silly, but then we are silly when we are 14 / 15 years old.


  1. Such a beautiful poem! I can see why you won! Xx

  2. what a fantastic poem hun, and well done for winning the competition, and it's not silly hun x

  3. Beautiful poem. Congratulations on your impressive language skills, that's amazing 💕


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