American Diner Review - LA Diner

If you live in the Wiltshire area of the UK, you probably know Melksham.

Not so long ago this American styled diner opened up in Melksham center, and my man and I decided to go try it.

It was a very nice, sunny and warm spring day, and this is what we ordered and thought:

I ordered the cheese and bacon burger with salad.
My man ordered a cheese burger with onions and salad.
And to share we asked for chips.
For drinks I wanted a black forest milkshake and my man a raspberry one.

It was not true American taste and menu wise. But It was a good adaptation of the American diners of the 60's.
It had good music from that era and the decor was just right.

I would say in matters of food taste, it was a healthier version of the American fast food.
The burgers were not greasy or oily, the meat was properly cooked, the bread was nice and fresh and the salad was good and crisp lettuce, tomato and cucumbers. The chips were not oily or mushy at all.

I thought it was overall a good experience, the prices were good too.
If you're interested, the address is below. They don't have a website yet, but if you type the name of the diner on google you will find the opening times.

LA Diner
14 Market Place
SN12 6EX

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  1. I love the look of the place, I'm a great fan of American Diners, but the only one close to me is absolutely terrible.


  2. I LOVE American-style diners, especially for the amazing milkshakes! Looks good :)

  3. Those burgers look great, and I love the 50's theme! Wish it was closer to us, and I'd give it a visit.

  4. I went to a diner in Devon years ago and the food was great. I'd really like to go to one that's actually in America!! The milkshakes look delicious!

    Serena /


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