Valentine's Day Gifts

If you follow me on Instagram, the day before valentine's I posted a picture of the wrapping of my gift to my man, and asked who guessed what it could be. *The above picture*
I got the most weird answers ever. But it was fun to see everyone's imagination.

I come here on this post to finally share with you all what I gave him, and what he gave me.
Initially we weren't going to give each other gifts, because we believe in the showing love everyday.
But then he decided at the last minute to go for a weekend to Bournemouth and enjoy sometime together, in which he paid for all. (To check out that trip, visit here)
So, me, I felt I needed to do something for him, and listed out all the things he had mentioned he wanted in the past month.
When I went to shop for it, he was with me, and I allowed him to tell me more and more things he wanted.
Without saying anything.

A few days before that day he asked me what kind of watches I liked, and that he was going to give me a watch for valentine's since my watch had broken just a few days before that.
And I did show him what kinds I liked. But since he was so open about it, I thought he was joking and since he didn't mention it again, I wasn't expecting him to gift me. I thought his gift was the trip.

So between video games, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, camera and the most wanted - a motorbike. I researched and pondered. And apart from the motorbike, the most expensive thing he wanted was the camera. And since he was being so adorable to me for so long, I decided...

The camera he wanted!
This is a Samsung WB200F, with WIFI, 18x zoom, and a lot more. It is a beautiful camera and takes amazing pictures!

Amazingly enough I also got a gift. A beautiful Radley watch, with a little dog on it. AND... 3 cats and a heart pendant to wear however I wanted. He made a little attachment on the watch with a cat and the heart, because he wanted to personalize it for me!

So cute!

We also gave each other really cute cards, but those are too personal to show. ;)
If you gave your partner something, what did you give?

Leave me a comment letting me know.

*This is not a sponsored post.


  1. That is lovely that you bought each other such super gifts :) What a great camera and a lovely watch.

  2. Aww your gifts are so lovely. We usually celebrate Valentine's Day by exchanging cards and enjoying a romantic dinner, I got some beautiful red roses (my favourite) and some delicious chocolates x


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