Thyroid Cancer

It has been over a month and a half since the last time I talked about my cancer.

I hadn't posted about it before because I still didn't have much news on it, but now I do.

Last time I explained about the diet I had to do before my Radioactive Iodine Therapy, so here is what happened since then:

I did my 15 days of dieting, and a few days before the therapy I had to do a few blood exams to check how my levels were before the therapy, so they could be used in comparison with the blood exams done during the therapy and after.

4 days before I had to stop taking my thyroid hormone medication, so I would be clear of the extra iodine in my body.

The night before I had to start fasting. Not major, just a normal 12 hours before the procedure. Still I hate fasting, I am a hungry person by nature - you can ask my man, he will tell you I become moody and I have to eat all the time. Hehehe.
I was a bit nervous for this so this time I did not feel the hunger.

Early in the morning I marched to the hospital. Over there I got checked for vitals and giving more blood for the exams. They explained to me how I would have to act in case of this and that. The room was isolated, and nurses would visit me just to bring me food, in which I had to stay behind the iron protections and they would come in dressed with this iron protective shield thing.
Why all this? Well because I would become extremely radioactive, and contact should be kept least as possible.

Well there was a whole bunch of rules of how I needed to do things.
For example if I went to the toilet, I would need to flush 3 times after. After I ate I would have to dispose of the tray items separately in different bins. I had to drink a lot of liquids and go to the toilet as often as possible.
All this was to get rid of the radioactivity as much as possible.

After all the explanations, the doctor treating me came in all protected with 2 iron boxes. The dosage I had to take of the radiation was pretty high, so it was 2 capsules, each in one iron container. I couldn't touch it.
So he would open the 1st box, drop the capsule in my mouth, after I swallowed it, he did the same with the second one. And after this he stepped away from me. Asked me to drink a lot of water, which I did.
Then he left telling me to start doing everything as it was told to me.

I had to be isolated for 2 nights, 3 days. BORING!!! I will say entertainment looses its fun. I felt like I wanted to walk more than just the few steps I could in my room, wanted to see my man, my family. It's amazing how when you get prohibited stuff is when you want it the most.

I managed though.

They told me I could have quite a few side effects, which luckily I didn't!
I know, I was amazed!
They said I could be nauseous, have headaches, loose my palate and so on.

Before leaving I had to do 1 more blood exam, but then I was sent home!

All throughout the 3 days I got measured on radiation levels. If they didn't go down enough for me to be in contact with people, I would not be allowed to leave. So I did my total best to get rid of all I could.
After the very long 3 days, I finally got discharged. The radiation was in a safe level.
I had instructions though. I was not allowed to get in contact with babies, kids or pregnant woman - and all the same with animals too.

That was fine, I would stay in the house for that time.

After about a week at home, I started noticing changes in the taste of food. First I couldn't taste sweet, then I would taste everything as bitter, and then I couldn't taste anything anymore.
This lasted for a little less than 1 month.
The problem was that now I could eat everything again, but couldn't taste it. That sucked big time!

About 4 days after I left the hospital I had to go back there to do a full body scan to check if the therapy worked.
I went there early in the morning, and they put me on this machine that was almost like a CAT scan, that kept going up and down my body taking "pictures".
Not bad at all, the woman told me to let her know if I felt claustrophobic, which I didn't - but then I don't have that problem at all.
They asked me to wait a bit. Then a doctor called me in to tell me the result.
I was with my mother.
The doctor showed the scan pictures, and said "Do you see this?" and I replied "Yeah", and she says the most glorious words next:
"This is your body with no cancer cells!"
OH MY GOD!!! I almost hugged her and kissed her with happiness.
My mom and I just seemed to burst with joy!

Yes, I still had check ups to do and stuff, but that was the amazing moment that you most want to hear.
This felt better than when I got told at University I had passed my thesis.

Of course mom and I went to a coffee shop right after and had ourselves a wonderful cappuccino with amazing cinnamon buns!

Later that week we went out for a celebratory dinner at this really cool pizza place, and had the best time!

But what of the other results?
Well, the blood tests showed my body reacting as they expected with the treatment. And how much I would need to adapt my thyroid hormone medication to suit my situation.
The situation being that having normal levels of the hormone in me are not good right now. I need it to be lower so it won't provoke any cancer, but still have enough for my body to function.

Now, I will have to do a check up again in 6 months - a complete check up - to see if my body is staying still. And will have to do frequent check ups for the next 5 years.
If it doesn't occur again within those 5 years, I should be safe. Always checking if everything is alright, of course - after all it is cancer - but I should be free of it.

I have just lowered my medication and on the 6 months check up we will see if it needs to lower more or if it's a good dosage.

So, as I have been saying - The key ingredient in a treatment like this is for the patient to be truly positive, as much as you can!



  1. What an inspiring blog post. You are so incredibly strong and I couldn't be happier for you with your results. I wish you lots of health happiness and a long, fulfilling life. Lots of love xxxxxx

  2. Congratulations, I hope everything goes great for you and it stays away. You're amazing to be so positive!

  3. I hope everything gets better! :) Good luck with your journey.

  4. oh my, I pray you get completely healed! keep staying positive lovely <3 <3 xxxx

  5. What an amazing attitude you have! I hope all you future scans come out clear.


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