My Unsettling Sister

Fabric stamp by Anna Cioppi
As you may know I have a sister. Her name is Anna Cioppi. She is currently finishing Fashion School, and with that some artistic creations come to life.
I was not allowed to show some of her best work here, because it was either undergoing University evaluation, or because she did not want to display them just yet.
So here are some of her work that I was allowed to show.

Russian ballet by Anna Cioppi
Russian Ballet by Anna Cioppi
These 2 drawings were a university drawing and observation training of Leon Bakst's Russian ballet wardrobe.
They were made on paper with India ink, alcohol marker pen and colouring pencils.

Dude in glasses by Anna Cioppi
This was a university project using shadows. This was made on paper and drawn with India ink, and India ink wash.

The rose by Anna Cioppi
This was a request of mine. I wanted her to paint me a rose. This is made on a canvas with oil paint.

Child Paola by Anna Cioppi
For Christmas once, she decided to make us drawings of ourselves as gifts.
This one is me when I was around 8 or 9 years old, based on a picture, which she managed to get it exact! It is drawn on card stock with pencil.

The tiger in the water by Anna Cioppi
When she was at school, she used to have oil painting classes, and this was one of her assignments. Also on canvas and oil paint.

Fabric stamp by Anna Cioppi
This is a university project about fabric stamps. The header picture is another stamp she made up along with this one. They were both made on paper with neocolor water soluble, and water soluble paint.

The piggys by Anna Cioppi
This was just a fun time cuteness that she drew. It is made on paper with pencil.

Woman on a red dress by Anna Cioppi
This is also a university piece of observation. It was drawn on paper with India ink and colouring pencils.

Kazehaya by Anna Cioppi
And finally her favourite - Kazehaya. She loves anime and manga, so she was inspired to draw this one. It is made on paper with pencil.

What do you think about her drawings?
Leave us a comment letting us know.


  1. Your sister is so talented. I would love to be able to draw like this!

  2. Great art! Love the Russian ballet dancers. Your sister's really talented!

  3. Absolutly stuning!! I love all of them!!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I love the diversity and polyvalence of your sister's work! The first two dancers are my favourites; so much movement and serenity in one piece!


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