My Unsettling Mom

After showcasing my unsettling man and sister, now it's time to showcase my unsettling mom!
Yes, I know, I am surrounded by artists!
And no, I am not an artist! Hahaha

My mother, Maria Loreto Parada Miller, has been painting for many many years just for the fun of it. So choosing the paintings of this post took quite a few steps, first was what was easiest to find, second what was not a copy of some famous artist, and third my hands were pretty shaky, so the pictures that were the best ones I took. ;)

My mom graduated a chemical engineer, but her job ended up being mommy! :)
She loves to run, bike, swim, play tennis and do a whole bunch of exercises, but also she really enjoys painting. Most her work was done when we lived in South Africa, where she took a few classes, so with the African nostalgia, a lot of her paintings are related to it, but I must say I love them, specially because it reminds me of a beautiful time we had there.

Zulu ladies by Loreto
This is oil painting on a normal canvas - a little bit abstract.

Still life by Loreto
Oil painting on canvas.

Wild flowers by Loreto
I'm so sorry this is a really bad picture, it was really hard photographing it since it has a mirrored glassed on top so no matter what I did it would reflect things. In real life is beautiful to look at though.
This is made with pastel colours on pastel paper. Same technique of the bottom picture.

Rialto Bridge of Venice by Loreto
Copper Jug by Loreto
Oil painting on canvas.

Arab Man and Indian Woman by Loreto
Pencil drawings on normal white paper. These are 2 of a set of 4 faces she did.

The children by Loreto
This is one of my favourites. This is me and my sister, and this is hung at the top of her bed. So cute!
Pastel colours on pastel paper with glass protection.

The craftsmen by Loreto
Another favourite of mine because of the colours. It was made with oil painting on canvas.

Xhosa Lady by Loreto
Pastel colours on pastel paper protected with glass.

Dad and son by Loreto
And a very African one, with oil painting on painting hard board.

So what do you think of her art?
Should she keep the painting going?


  1. Wow! Your mom is a star, her paintings are gorgeous and my favourite is the one of you and your sister. :) xx

  2. Your mom is so talented, her paintings are fabulous. I love the Venetian one - the Rialto Bridge is always one of my favourite places in Venice.



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