My unsettled man 2 - Drawings

The Witch by Kyle Hilliard
Responding to requests, last month I posted some drawings my man did. And as I expected, it got really good responses.
I showed him and he got happy about it, but still thinks he is no good.
You have asked to see his birds and animal drawings, and so I'm here to show them to you.

The first picture is a picture I asked him to make me many years ago, as a witch. And without a picture, just a memory of me and what I wanted he drew me that.

If you like them, please let us know, so it can maybe boost a little confidence in him.
He also writes, pretty amazing stories. And I keep telling him to finish off maybe a few short stories to put on a blog, or to finish off his main stories so we can try see if anyone would like to publish them.

He still is shy and thinks no one apart from me will be interested. So let us know.

Crested Barbet by Kyle Hilliard
The Golden Eagle by Kyle Hilliard
 This was also a drawing I asked him to make me once, many years ago. And he understood exactly what I wanted.
Cape Eagle Owl by Kyle Hilliard
Knysna Loerie by Kyle Hilliard
Long Crested Eagle by Kyle Hilliard
Kingfisher by Kyle Hilliard
The Tiger by Kyle Hilliard
The Jaguar by Kyle Hilliard
And finally this one he made for me as a gift.

What do you think?
Leave a comment letting us know.


  1. these are so good! the detailing is amazing. aw theres no need for him to be shy, he should definitely make a blog with his drawings, stories etc :)

  2. Those drawings are amazing, I wish I could draw like that! xo


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