Jewellery I love

I was admiring jewellery today, and I came across loads of really modern and new jewellery, but also came across beautiful things that I would love to have and wear!

I decided to then share with you all, some of the jewelry I thought was kind of modern but still my kind of style. Check it out.

Cute, hey?!
What do you think?
Leave me comment letting me know.

*Pictures taken from Pinterest.


  1. I used to have that mouse ring! I'll have to find it out and wear it again soon :D

    I also love the ring in the third picture down. It's gorgeous.

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  2. Wow! These are lovely collections especially the dream catcher bracelet. :) x

  3. I love the Cinderella piece with the clock and the shoe, super gorgeous.


  4. Wow the dreamcatcher bracelet would be a perfect present for my sister. It's beautiful! All these pieces are xx

    Kate's Wonderland - Fragrance of the Week HUGO BOSS Women


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