English Pies

I must say I love pies, and all kinds.
English pies are my favourites, either it being a chicken and mushroom warm pie, or a steak and kidney pie, or an apple pie. Oh glorious!

My man and I went to Bristol one of these days for South African food shopping, and obviously we got hungry.
We had just passed a pie shop and the smell just drove my salivary glands to go crazy.
So we had their pies.

Check these beauties, they were huge, and very full and just awesome!

We commented about it to my parents and sister, and they went to visit Bristol, and ended up eating at the same place, check out their pies:

Which kind of pie do you like best?
Do you know any recipes? I would love to try making them!
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Ahh these look amazing! I'm so jealous, I was supposed to be going to a place called Urban Pie this evening and showed up to the restaurant and it had closed down! xo

  2. I have always wanted to make a pie. I can do a cottage pie but I haven't tried a pastry crust pie.


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