Dinning Room Decor

In my parents house there is a dinning room space that I find quite awesome.
Originally it was a bedroom, and the previous owner turned it into an extension of the living room. When my parents moved in, this seemed like an awesome dinning area, but it needed a few changes.

In the beginning the back wall used to be this blinding bright orange texture, which did not match any of my parents furniture or their style.
So we put a coat of white paint on top, and now it still is textured wall, but of a light orangy to yellow colour.

The painting was made by my mother, the keyboard is my sister's.

This has become like a little office, keyboard playing and storage location apart from dinning area.

Glass pieces decorating and 2 Brazilian dolls.

South African sea shells.

The cloth piece comes from India, and is covering the glass piece of the table.

What do you think of this?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. It actually looks pretty awesome! I like the glass ornaments, it adds a nice little touch!



  2. love the seashells, what a great idea for a table centre piece.

  3. I adore the worldly touches of the Indian cloth piece and South African seashells! They add interesting elements and are a wonderful conversational starter.


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