Bournemouth Oceanarium

To finalize my beautiful trip to Bournemouth, this post will take you through the beautiful visit it was to see the Oceanarium.

When I looked from the outside I thought it seemed small, specially because it said it had a coffee shop in there apart from a gift shop.
But we went in anyway.

Right at the entrance there is the gift shop to your right, and the coffee shop to you left. We walked straight ahead towards this beautiful low tank with some beautiful fish and small turtles, and that was the actual entrance of the oceanarium. Absolutely beautiful!

Right in the beginning we saw some cute otters playing about, then some colourful piranhas, and much more.

My man had an amazing connection with the clown fish (Nemo), so he took many pictures, but this one is my favourite!

I had to cut out many of the amazing pictures I took because they were way too many, but hopefully I chose a good enough variety so you can have an idea.

There was a sector further in of the deep dark waters, where we saw from the weirdest animals to gorgeous glowy ones.

And some that didn't look very friendly...

But for me, the parts I most liked were the under the water tunnel. This major tank had sharks, huge turtles and much more. I got addicted to the turtles!

Look at this amazing picture of me with the shark! :0

There was also this smaller tank with younger big turtles, that was sooo cute!

After we had a very fun time in there, laughing, making friends with the animals and people, we went to look at the gift shop, which had many gorgeous things. But for specially what I liked was the make your own pearl set - which I will talk about in a later post.

We were a bit hungry by then and had a small lunch at the coffee shop, where we had very good coffee and sandwiches, and the view from it was amazing since it is right on the edge of the beach!

If you want to know more about the oceanarium, here is the link.

What did you think of the pictures? Would you visit it?
Leave me a comment letting me know.

* This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Oh I love things like this, I would love to go there xxx

  2. This looks like such a great day out! I went to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham ages ago and really loved it.

  3. Looks great!! I would defitnely visit if I was in Bournemouth.


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