A weekend in Bournemouth

For Valentine's Day, my man took me for the weekend to Bournemouth.
We didn't really have a lot of time to explore, since we got there on Saturday afternoon and left on Sunday afternoon. But it was enough time to know I love it!

As we arrived, we did our check in to the hotel really close to sea, and went out to explore.
Soon we found this. A way to the pier, to the sand, restaurants, the oceanarium, and the concert hall.

And so we went to the pier, and watched the sun set from there. Funny enough this was not timed to be on purpose, but ended up being extremely sweet and romantic!

This was the view from the pier. Shame the camera doesn't show the beauty our eyes saw!
And yes, I got a very nice kiss there! ;)

We then went for a wonderful dinner at this restaurant that was a mix of Hawaiian, south Latin, surfer and Mexican kind of restaurant called The Rocks. Which was wonderful because of its view to the sea. The only shame is that I was doing my cancer treatment diet, and couldn't enjoy much of the food. Still I managed and it was Good!

That night we went for a walk around the area, we didn't take pictures because it was pretty dark. But the morning after we took that walk again and got these pictures.

 * This is not an advertisement for Debenhams. The building was just pretty and the pond area was too.

I found really cool that the buses and taxis were this bright yellow colour.
We also made friends with a few squirrels. Will show them on a post in the future this month.

Have you visited Bournemouth? What did you see? Did you like it?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. I have to say I've never been to Bournemouth but it looks absolutely beautiful from your photos.


  2. Hi Paolo! Beautiful photos. I have not been to Bournemouth yet - It is on my list of places to visit. I love the photos of the sandy beach!


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