The Albert Memorial - London

Once more, there are so many places and things to see that as tourists we end up missing beautiful things. And even as residents we miss them too.

While I was taking my family around the museums, we had a quick stop in a park close by. The Kensington Gardens.
This park is right by Hyde Park. Coming from the Science Museum, it was a walk up the street for a few blocks.

This is one of the Royal Parks, and it´s entrance does it justice with a beautiful black metal railing, that already gave the royal feel.

The big attraction for us was The Albert Memorial, which is inside the park, and faces The Royal Albert Hall.

This memorial was designed by George Gilbert Scott, and pictures do not do it justice!
All the details and intricate work on the whole monument is just pure astonishment.

The memorial was constructed to commemorate the death of Queen Victoria´s husband, Prince Albert, that died at the age of 42 from typhoid fever.
It shows the Victorian achievements and the prince´s passions and interests.

Each corner has marble figures representing different areas of the world that the Queen ruled over. Also the corners has representations of Manufacture, Commerce, Agriculture and Engineering.
All around it are painters, poets, sculptors, musicians and architects celebrated as the prince´s enthusiasm.

This is definitely something to go and see with time to appreciate it.
If you want to check out the Kensington Gardens website click here.

Have you ever been there?
Leave me a comment letting me know.

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  1. I've never visited this part of London before, I should check it out though as I love the Victorians!

  2. This looks like a great place to go and visit. Great pictures. :)


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