Radioactive Iodine Therapy

As you may know I have gone through a total thyroidectomy when we found out it had cancer in it.

They studied my cancer more closely after and found out it had spread.
So the next step in this case was getting Radioactive iodine therapy.

We went to the specialist and he explained everything, how the procedure would go about, the pre, and post parts about it.

Basically, 15 days before the start of treatment I had to adhere to this diet. Right now I´m on day 7, and must I say it sucks!
It´s not the worst thing in the world, but it does annoy when you want to go out for dinner or eat something different and you can´t.

What is this diet then?
It tries to clear my body out of iodine so the treatment can function properly. Apart from that I have to keep a watch out because patients like me have huge tendencies on gaining weight, so we have to lower carbs from our diet and eat lean.

Amazingly enough I have been losing weight since before the surgery, after the surgery the weight loss slowed down, but it kept going and still is. My situation though maybe because of stress.
I am by nature a very nervous person, and with that I have gained an ulcer, white hairs and others.
When we found out I had cancer, my nervous system went into a deeply nervous state, even though I kept calm most of the time.
After the surgery I relaxed when the doctor said everything was fine and we had gotten rid of it, and that is when my weight loss came to a halt. But then after a few days I get a call and get told "Hey, sorry we didn´t tell you sooner but your cancer has spread, so we need to take treatments further."
And that´s when I started loosing weight again.

What am I not allowed to have?
Fish and seafood, canned or bottled preserves, Brussels sprout, pickles, celery, watercress, industrial made sauces, and preserved products in general. Cold and dried meats, meat broth, soy sauce, pizza, chocolates and highly caloric foods.
Milk and dairy 1 portion a day I am allowed, and salt in a reduced manner.

What am I allowed to have?

Rice, beans, grains in general, red meat, poultry, pork, eggs, olive oil, vinegar, onion, garlic, pepper. Milk has to be skimmed powder milk, butter and margarine with no salt. Toast, cookies, bread only one portion a day. Fruits, coffee, tea. Sugar, sodas, wine and beer in moderation. Doughs and pastas twice a week, and the tomato sauce has to be homemade.

I also have to watch out for things that will get in contact with my skin, like cosmetics and nail polish in red colour I am not allowed, or bronzer, hair dyes, or bathing in the sea.
I am allowed body lotions, sun block, mascara and eyeshadow that don´t have iodine in the formulation.

It´s not too bad. Not the hardest diet to do for 15 days, but as I said annoying!

Have you ever done this diet, or any other?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Oh wow!!! That sounds very annoying.... id be more concerened with no mascara.... I cant leave the house without it.... how are you finding it? Will you have to keep this diet up once you start treatment? Or is it just to kick start it? Good luck, and I hope the treatment works! x

    1. It is hard, makeup wise is not too hard because luckly non of my makeup have iodine in it, so I can wear them no problem. I would be horrified if I couldn´t wear makeup at all. :P
      This diet is just to kick start the treatment, after they have given me the radioactive dosages I should go back to normal eating, unless it doesn´t work out and I have to do it again.
      Thank you so much, I´m sure I´ll manage, not ready to give into any disease just yet. I have loads of ground to cover still ;)

  2. I've never tried this diet before. As you said, it is not impossible, but it can be hard at times. Good luck x

  3. Hi Paola. Thanks for sharing what is obviously a very personal and quite literally unsettling part of your life. Sending you all the best.

  4. I wish you all the best, Paola. Thanks for sharing your journey. It really helps to put life in perspective. I, of course, would like to follow you. I will do so now on Bloglovin, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest. I really enjoy the candor in your writing. I would love it if you could follow back so we can stay in touch.


    1. Hey Sharon, yes I have followed you back and I hope we can keep in contact.

  5. Hi! You sound very positive about it and I think that's all you need, really. I'm wishing you all the best. :) It would be awesome if we could follow each other.

    Follow my adventures!


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