My unsettled man - Drawings

Betrayal - By Kyle Hilliard
My man has quite a creative side to him. He does a few drawings, but thinks they are horrible, so he hides them.

But with me, he knows he won´t get too much privacy, so I "stole" some of his drawings to put for show.

He mainly draws fantasy-style, but also does beautiful birds. He thinks people will only accept his bird drawings, so I decided to do a show of his fantasy ones, and see what you all think.
Most of his drawings are done with a whole range of soft and hard pencils, and he says his inspiration comes from the voices inside his head (hehehe).

Aztec Eagle Warrior - By Kyle Hilliard
Dark Elf - By Kyle Hilliard
Dwarf Woman - By Kyle Hilliard
Guardian of the Winged Temple - By Kyle Hilliard
Raziel - By Kyle Hilliard
Rider of the Tower - By Kyle Hilliard
Roman Legionnaire - By Kyle Hilliard
The Red Samurai - By Kyle Hilliard
 This one started out with pencil, then for the colour he used a mix of powder paints and acrylic paints.
The Champion - By Kyle Hilliard
This one is done with pencil and coloured pens.

Do you like them?
Let me know what you think of these ones, and if you are interested in seeing the birds in another post, just leave me a comment below.


  1. Wow, these are really good drawings! He should be very proud of them.

  2. Oh wow, he's very talented. Not sure why himself can't see it! Hope you show him that others thinks he's talented too! x

  3. Awesome!!! Lolo

  4. I think he is like a lot of creative people who don't believe that their work is good enough when in fact they are extremely talented!


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