Ideas to do for Valentine´s Day

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Sometimes we run out of ideas to do something different for our loved one, specially if it´s for Valentine´s day, and society is pushing you to buy the expensive gift and go all out.

One thing I have learnt though is that men usually prefer a day or evening in, maybe some nice cooked dinner, wine, and just some quality time together.
Also, I have learnt that even though men don´t seem to care about those things, they do. They like being romanced as well.

So here are some ideas to inspire you to make your place look more romantic for him.
They are simple, easy to make, not much money goes into it, and it will work either if you´re dating or married. And trust me he will enjoy it!

Have you thought what you´re going to do yet?
Leave me a comment letting me know.

* Pictures taken from Pinterest.


  1. How lovely are those roses hanging down the wall! Love them, I'm just treating my hubby to some nice clothes, I'm always stuck for ideas so have gone practical this year!

    Helen X

  2. loving these ideas esp the heart photo collage!!


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