Villalfonsina - Italy

This is a dear post to me, because this is where half of my blood comes from!

Villalfonsina is a town in the province of Chieti. This is in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

It is a tiny tiny town but it is beautiful and romantic!

This is the entrance of Villalfonsina, on the left you can see a small sign saying it.
And yes, You can see pretty much the whole of Villalfonsina in this picture. It is mainly all the area where the houses are.

Those 2 pictures show the main street of Villalfonsina. There are other roads, but they are much smaller. This is the main "big" street! ;)

This is what they call the Comune, or the Municipality.
I love that brick wall, is so beautiful.

As any good Italian town, there should be a church. And even if this one is a very small town, it has a church, and an awesome one!

Absolutely lively and colourful!

The houses look like they come from a romantic comedy movie!

There are a lot of cats around, and they are calm and cool, and let you take pictures of them even.

The main attraction of Villalfonsina is the Fontana, or the fountain.

This is a bit more personal to me. This is my family´s land and house. They grow grapes (obviously!) that make wine.
That same grape was brought to Brazil by my grandpa back in 1950, where he cultivated it in his back garden, and it is alive and growing grapes up to this day!

This town is agricultural, and its focus is the grapes, so fields and fields of vineyards, and this is one of the most beautiful views of them.

I would say it is a calm and wonderful option as a honey moon destination. And the beach is a few minutes drive. And trust me, the beach is just beautiful.

Have you ever heard of Villalfonsina before?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Beautiful photos! I really enjoyed reading this post as I've never been to Italy.

  2. I would love to visit Italy! Great post. I'm going to start writing about travel soon but at the moment I write about food. Check my blog out at x

  3. Belle foto,purtroppo no so l'inglese e ho capito poco,ma senza dubbio hai fatto una bella descrizione del nostro paese.Complimenti!

    1. Se vuoi traduco io per te mariavittoria. Ciao Giuseppe B.

  4. Belle foto! Hai descritto bene il nostro paese.

  5. wow this is so beautiful one of my want to visit places


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