Review of 2014

2014 was a year of great joys but also of massive downs!

I decided to look back 1 last time, show the highlights, and then forget about it!


Me, holding my thesis.

- After 5 years and a bit I saw again my first love, and we got back together
- Got my degree in Nutrition and Dietetics

February - May

 - Built my own Personal Dietitian Practise, and specialised in it

June - August
Him and I

- Specialised in Sport Nutrition
- Stayed with my man, and travelled to Italy together
- Got engaged!

September - October

- Worked a lot - as a dietitian, started blogging again, and as a cashier in a shoe shop.
(check out my first post on this blog - Alfajor recipe)


- My birthday came with bad news. I had 2 tumors in my thyroid.
- I had my thyroid removed completely
- My fiancĂ©´s brother had a really bad accident


- The blog got nominated for it´s first award - Liebster Award
- My biopsy results came back. I have cancer, in metastasis, and it spread
- My fiancĂ©´s father died

So, as you can see the year started quite nice, but it just went down hill by the end.

Bring on 2015, with fighting cancer, and getting married, it promises to be a much better year!

How was your 2014?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Every life is a rollercoaster but sometimes the good outweigh the bad. Even though some upsetting things have happened you have someone who adores you who wants to marry you and I'm pretty sure he will be there to hold your hand through whatever 2015 has to offer. xxx

  2. Sending lots of love and light your way lovely, 2015 will be the year you fight your cancer and hopefully will be flipped so it ends amazingly.

    Happy New Year xx

    Hugs Michelle ||

  3. I hope your 2015 brings you the strength to deal with what lies ahead. I hope it brings you lots of joy and happiness .


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