Natural History Museum - London

Many of you may know the Natural History Museum in London, but I find one thing amazing:
As a tourist, that is never an option to visit in tour packages.
I wonder why would that be?

I got to visit it on my 3rd proper visit to London. And when I saw it, I was mesmerised by the architecture of the place. And kept asking myself, why did I not ever at least pass in front of it.
As a natural history museum, the things you expect to see didn´t shock me.
But the size, architecture and quantity of things did!

This museum holds approximately 80 million items divided in Botany, Entomology, Mineralogy, Palaeontology and Zoology. There are even specimens collected by Charles Darwin.
It also has a library that contains books, journals, manuscripts and artwork in the scientific department.

What amazes me the most, is that this is a no charge admission awesome day out to do.

I´m sure kids go to it through school, but if you are a foreigner or just someone that never got the change to visit it, please consider doing so. You will definitely have a wonderful time, and will come to realize a full day in it may not be enough to see it all.
If you do get interested in seeing the library, you must know it is only done by appointments.

What about you?
Have you ever visited it?
Did you enjoy it?

Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. FAB pics!! I went there yesterday funny enough. We fancied a day out but didn't want to spend a fortune so thought we'd head to the science museum and then the natural history. Have to say, we gave up on the NH museum REALLY quickly and headed to the V&A because it was HEAVING. Going to head back on a week day when the kids are in school and I can get a closer look! X

    1. Great idea, you got to be able to enjoy it! :D

  2. This has always been on my bucket list. Such a wonderful place.

  3. We've been twice and loved it both times, it's really the sort of place you can keep going back to really amazing!

  4. woah what a fantastic place to visit and look at the size of that seal , we love going to placs like this

    1. That animal is a komodo dragon, but yeah is very big!!! hehehehe

  5. I want to go soon!! Lolo

  6. I love the natural history museum! I haven't been in years but think it's a truly mind blowing place, and like you I couldn't believe it was free!


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