Laundry room decor

We usually forget one very important room of the house. The laundry room.

To a point there are a lot of houses out there that don´t even have a separate space for laundry.

When we do have laundry rooms, we forget to organize it and decorate it too.
It´s normally the ugliest, most boring place.
And it shouldn´t be. It is part of the house still, and therefore should receive some love too.

Here are some cool and simple ways to have beautiful laundry rooms!

Check out how cool are these ideas to implement in your laundry room too!

*Pictures taken from Pinterest.

So which one is your favourite?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. oh the days i would dream of owning one f these laundry rooms, my mum in law has an out house and has transformed hers into a laundry , love these looks x

  2. So many lovely laundry room decor, it makes you want to spend a long time doing the washing so you can fully appreciate it! :) x


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