I learnt a new word today.

This word means "aimless messing around". It originated in Wiltshire, but it´s not really used anymore.

This word was mentioned in the BBC Radio Wiltshire, in November 2013, and the presenter has started a campaign since then to get the word in the Oxford English Dictionary.

There was a big response in favour of the word through social media, but it seems unlikely that it will be included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

You can find it in the 6th volume English Dialect Dictionary of 1898 - 1905.

Another Wiltshire word that fits with this is Wondermenting, meaning "to play the fool or waste time over unprofitable work".

There are 2 other related words, Gander-mooning and Gander-legging. Based on this, the suggestion that Ganderflanking is a variation of Gallivanting (going one place to another in pursuit of entertainment) was abandoned. Since it is linked to the aimless wandering of geese.

So, what do you think about the word, should we start using it again?

Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Oh wow...I love the sound of this word and thanks for sharing as I have just learnt something new. I hope it manages to find it's way back into the dictionary - that would be great

    Laura x

  2. We say gander which I suppose is a shortened version of this word. x

  3. LOVE the word, especially since I hear it in my head with an English accent. :-)

  4. Ha, ha I like this. It would have been great to hear how the unusual words relate to your life. :)

  5. Such an amazing word ... I plan to spend my weekend glanderflanking now that I know there is an official term for it!

    C xx


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