Butterfly World in Wiltshire

One of the most beautiful tours I did while I was in Wiltshire was visiting The Butterfly World in Studley Grange Garden & Leisure Park.

They are located in Wroughton, Swindon. For more information this is their Website.

It was my future sister in law´s idea to go there, and I loved it. So my fiancé took both of us and my future mother in law to see it. And I must say we really enjoyed it!

After you get your ticket to go in with a cute butterfly stamp, you walk in to this beautiful scenery of plants and flowers with butterflies flying everywhere, and all kinds of them. Colours, sizes, the ones that fly like crazy and the ones that will sit on you if you´re nice and still.
This section of the visit is acclimatized to a humid and hot weather, so be prepared to walk in and take off your jackets! ;)

They are really sweet, specially when they go eat their bananas.
Some of them are a bit shy of being photographed but they will amaze you with their beauty anyway.

I took quite a few pictures of this blue butterfly because I just fell in love with its colour and shinny wings! Apart from the fact I kind of like blue quite a bit.

After the visit with them, you can go through another section where you will find the cutest otters, meerkats, and other animals.

If you are there at the right time, you can see them getting fed, and you can feed some other animals too. (The ones you can feed are goats, birds, chickens and other - not the otters or meerkats)

After you see all the cuteness they have, there is another section where you can see some reptiles and other cold skin animals.

Personally they are not my favorite but still they are very likable creatures! I was amazed how they enjoyed posing for pictures.

At the end you go back into the butterflies which leads you back to the craft village.
It has many adorable little shops and a cafeteria.

It was definitely a very enjoyable day for me and I do recommend if you are in that area to go check it out.

*This is not a sponsored post.

Have you visited such a place before?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. It must be beautiful there! Hopefully, I will go there one day! Otters are so cute


  2. wow, amazing photos. i always think the way otters and meerkats stand is just so cute. would love one as a pet lol x


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