What to pack when you´re moving countries

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I´m a fan of moving around. Not just visiting new countries, but also living in them.
The new experiences, new culture, new lifestyle, and so on.
It´s a thrill!

But one thing for me that I really don´t like about travelling is the packing of the bags.
For me it´s tedious and annoying, because you think and you plan, you choose your items and then when you are there you realise you forgot something you really needed.

That is why packing should be carefully thought and planned.
Even more if you are moving!

How to plan: (at least a month before)

1 - Research the climate of where you are going, for the period you are going. So if you know for a fact you will spend a full year or more that you have to think of all four seasons.
But if you are staying for a few months only, then research the equivalent seasons.

2 - When you research pay attention to the lowest and highest temperatures. Also if it´s a rainy, snowy, humid, or dry place, and what kind of weather situations you may find yourself in.

3 - This step most people forget, and it´s essential. Research the culture!
If you are a tiny skirts, mini tops wearer and you´re going to a muslin country for example, you will know then that taking those kind of clothes will be very frowned upon, and even get you arrested or worst.
When we move, even though we may have our own style, we must remember we are going into someone else´s culture and we must respect it. Just as we would like to be respected when they are in ours!

4 - Electronics wise, research the outlet shapes, and voltages, because you may end up with non functional electronics. And to make life easier, my personal recommendation is not to take any, get new ones over there, unless it´s a laptop, camera or cellphone.
Be careful with cellphones too. Not all of them are open to work in any country, even after you change the Sim card. Check if your phone is at least Quadriband.

5 - List out all the items you should take. Including clothes, shoes, amenities, electronics, books, objects and so on.
Obviously if you are moving countries, you should not be listing food items, certain drugs, or anything that might violate regulations.

6 - Check out in your list what you don´t have. If it´s something that you will need to use as soon as you arrive, then go buy it before hand. If it´s something that can wait a little, don´t stress out and make your life easier by buying it over there.
So keep a list of things you will need to buy after you arrive!

Now that you know exactly what you´re taking, breathe. Easy?! Yeah, the worst is to come still! heheheh

If you are living stuff behind, don´t miss out, try to sell them, or donate them. If this is your case, I recommend you start the Planning part around 3 months before, so you can have enough time to sell your things.

Packing: (around a week before)

I know, this is dreaded, but you got to do it!

1 - Start packing the things you don´t need to use on a daily basis. At this time you must know that you have to live with the bare minimum to get all sorted in time!

2 - Take your time, and pack calmly, protect things that may break the best way possible and wrap the things that may burst. No one wants gooey stuff when opening your bags.

3 - Leave only the very last things still on hand, those that you can stick in any bag at the last minute when leaving. When you do that, I know you are tired and fed up already, but breathe and try to put that nicely too!

4 - Take precautions with your baggage, either protecting it with those wrapping films, or locks and so on. You never know!

5 - DO NOT ever pack jewellery or anything of high value in a bag you will dispatch! Unless you don´t ever want to see it again! Those items have to be in your hand bag preferably, or cabin bag!


My advice is only take wardrobe items and work things you will use.
It´s such a headache to take you whole house to another place. And you will probably need a container, and if that´s the case, you need to get ready much before, specially if you want it to arrive around the same time as you arrive there.

As someone that is used to moving a lot, the first step is to learn to be unattached of things. It will make your life much easier, cheaper and better. Because every time you move you also get the change to change your house, having local items. And I must say, that adds to the experience a lot!
Yes, you end up expending more, but if you sell your old stuff before you leave, there isn´t a big loss of money. And things have to get updated every now and then.

Hint: Electronics don´t like moving around, so they usually start breaking, malfunctioning and die before you think they will.

If you get overwhelmed and realise you´re not managing to say goodbye to things, try to think like this:
"What if the house caught fire, and I had very little time to save a few things, what would they be?!"

I hope this help if you´re moving, or visiting a different place!

The initial picture is a design made by a friend, that´s very committed to her work, and she doesn´t do just travel design, but any house design you would like.
Have a chat with her through her Facebook Kaldi K Designs or through her email kalkdesigns@gmail.com.

*This is not a sponsored post!

How would you pack to move?

Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Gosh, I couldn't stand all this. I think I would sell my car and pay someone to do the packing for me. That is what my Aunt did when she emigrated.
    Great tips in your post though.

  2. I love this post. I'd have definitely used these tips if my travelling years weren't behind me. xx

  3. Nerve wrecking and exciting. All the best for your new journey x

  4. What terrific advice! I hate packing almost as much as I hate chores.

  5. What an excellent post for travellers! Thank you.


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