Sister Birthday Gift Ideas

I have a sister, a cute introvert that today turns 21!

Even though today is a very important birthday, she is not the kind of girl that like drinking, or partying hard. So I was thinking what kind of gifts she could like.

Survival Kit

An easy printable list that you can fold into a gift box and put the items inside, or stick it outside the box you make.

Everyday notes

A simple jar you can buy anywhere with notes or thoughts written in pieces of paper that she can pick out everyday, or when she´s feeling gloom.

Open when...

This is an awesome gift not just for a sister but anyone you love.
Open when letters, to cheer the person up if they are down, or celebrate when they get good news, and so on.

Manicure kit

Now, this is one I know my sister would have really liked. A jar with a cute manicure kit, some nail polish, brushes, and etc so she could make up her own design nails.

Prank Picture

Hahaha. I thought this is a good one. Specially because between sister is a funny relationship! hehehe

*Pictures from Pinterest.
What we decided to do

This was actually my dad´s idea. And she ADORED it!
For lunch we are going to take her to this 50´s themed American lunch dinner, typical hot dogs and burgers with milkshake place, and after we´ll take her to the bookstore and let her choose a book she wants, and we´ll buy it for her.

Yes, she´s a book worm, and if it´s Japanese food or 50´s style she loves it!

What ideas did you or would you do for your sister?

Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. I do like the jars of gifts.I never buy a single gift so it is a main gift and lots of small gifts.I dont have a sister to spoil.I love spoiling others on their birthdays but not everyone does the same kinda sad x


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