Places I´ve been so far

Moving around and visiting places my whole life meant having a very difficult time trying to remember off by heart all the places I´ve been!

Specially if you were a flight attendant before. You start realising you´re not quite sure if you just did a quick turn around flight to that place or you actually got a layover and managed to visit the place.

But eventually I think I remembered it all.

Check out below on the map. When I list it, sounds like a lot more places, but when you look in the map itself it seems so little! heheheh

So I visited 8 countries in Asia, 2 in Africa, 10 in Europe, 1 in the Middle East, 2 in North America, 2 in the Pacific, and 6 in South America. A total of 31 countries. Not too bad! ;)

Where do I want to go next? Ah, so many places I wouldn´t be able to just decide like that.
A dream would be to see pretty much everything, but there are a few places I don´t really mind not getting to see, it´s not many, so it doesn´t help me much, but they would stay at the end of the line up.

What about you, where have you gone and where would you like to go?
Or, where would you recommend me to go first? :)

Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. ah! so many places! i haven't been to much. a few places in europe and a few in asia. I'm currently saving up for a big trip next year

  2. Wow, that's amazing you've visited so many places! 17% is a pretty big portion of the whole world! xo

  3. That is quite an impressive number! I myself have been to 25 countries. However my map looks quite different as I have not set foot to South America or Asia. Really high I my list is Iceland. I also want to see Australia and New Zealand. I think you should look into Scandinavia or Eastern Europe. Prague, Kraków and Budapest are wonderful cities.
    Happy traveling, Tobia

    1. Hey, it is only impressive because I worked as a flight attendant and got to see a lot with it.
      I have so many places still in my list and the ones you mentioned are definitely in the very soon to happen list.
      I also want to see Iceland. Well, hubby and I wanted to have our honey moon there, but as our wedding was very low budget, we haven't yet. Maybe soon!


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