New year´s resolutions 2015

The end of the year is around the corner!
And this is a perfect time to write down your goals for this coming year, and actually apply yourself to get what you want.

Most of us don´t manage to keep up the goals, that´s why we are going to try keeping a log of it, so we can focus.

1 - List out the goals you want to achieve. Be realistic, but also don´t be too soft, if you want things you will need to work for them.

2 - Make a nice print out with your goals and find a place in the house you look at everyday, if possible more than once a day. Then, stick the goals list on that place.

Make so you can check them off as you reach the goals.
This is a very satisfying thing to do and will help you keep the energy up to reach all of them.

All this sounds cheesy and nothing new at all, but hey, it´s a new year. We got to at least try once more!

I´ve done my list, and I´ll keep you updated if they are reached.
These are simple goals, they don´t have the how to get there part, that is reserved to myself only. ;)

My list of Goals for 2015:

- Fight off cancer
- Get married
- Make my own UK friends
- Drive in the UK
- Get my passport
- Attend a blog conference
- Do a blogging course
- Get a job
- Gain money with the blog
- Go for dance classes
- Get toned and weigh no more than 58 kg, and maintain it
- Start searching for our own place

What is in your list?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Personally I have never liked "resolutions" because priorities can and do change, and sometimes it's okay if I didn't get done what I thought I wanted to do at the beginning of the year if I accomplished something else by the end. For that reason I started doing "generalized goals" instead. I found a 101 in 1001 on someone's blog and that was perfect for me because I could set 101 goals and take about 3 years to reach them instead of trying to rush to do everything in one year, and it allows me to choose what's important right now to complete.


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