My Addiction - My Mug Collection

One day I was touring a city and looking at souvenirs to take home, and I saw a beautiful mug decorated in the country´s style.

I bought it just because I really liked it, but that was the beginning of my love affair with collecting mugs from around the world.
Unfortunately that´s something that started after I had flown around quite a bit, so I don´t have mugs from everywhere I have been, but I do have quite a few.

The problem is that, I realised it became an addiction when I caught myself looking at mugs in general and just liking them, for their different shapes and sizes, and not necessarily because they were a souvenir.

I do control myself A LOT! But I must say that I love collecting mugs!

Check them out!
 France, Malta, England, United Arab Emirates, Canada.

 USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Canada.

Chile, Brazil, Canada, England, South Africa.

This was made in Egypt, but unfortunately wasn´t bought in Egypt. I loved it and had to have it anyway though.

And this is part of my cat mug collection, 2 of them were being used when I took these pictures, but you get the idea! ;)

I have other mugs too, but I thought they weren´t as interesting as these ones.

So, what do you collect?

Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. I love your beautiful mugs. I don't collect anything, but if I had enough space in my kitchen, I wouldn't mind collecting beautiful mugs too! :) x

  2. I think it's great having a hobby or collection and so glad to see a South African mug in there - I love to collect postcards from around the world

    Laura x

  3. Great collection! I love finding unique mugs as well. It really takes you back as you drink your cup of coffee or tea. My sister loves the You Are Here collection from Starbucks, so I always know what to get her!

  4. Love your collection! In my opinion, you really can never have too many mugs.

  5. What a wide variety of coffee mugs - great collection!


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