Long Distance Date

For you that have a long distance relationship, or you don´t but your loved one has to travel for a while without you. This is a good one!

Currently my fiance and I are separated by 6.000 miles of distance, with a pretty big ocean in the middle! It´s not a week away and then we get to see each other again.
So what happens? We miss each other.

Nowadays with technology these kind of relationships are so much easier. You don´t have to wait for the letters to arrive in the mail, or call very little because it´s very expensive.
You have the Internet that just makes it so much easier and cheaper, and you get to even see the person on the other side. And I swear, that makes the distance seems much much smaller!

Of course nothing can replace the touch and feel, but it´s better than it was just a few years ago.

As a full on blooded Internet addict like myself, it´s kind of expected that my relationship would be of that nature too. ;)

So apart from using the technology to communicate very easily, what else can you do with it?
I´m not talking about erotic games.
I´m talking about trying to have a almost normal date.


Nice, if you two were in the same place, would choose a nice movie, get all dressed up and go to the movies, have some popcorn together.
Yes, but how to do it in distance?
Well, choose a movie you both can download, make a specific time to meet, get dressed up, make the popcorn, open skype and voila. Watch the movie together.
Or you can go the extra mile, find a movie time that is around the same time, and make a point of meeting on skype as soon as it ends.


Romantic, sweet, again dressing up and going to maybe your favourite restaurant.
Instead, make a time, get dolled up, and make a point of meeting in skype. You can start by both cooking something at the same time in your kitchens, and then eating it while chatting.
Or it can start after you both made your dinners, and just sit there together, enjoying whatever you made.
Tip: make something that your partner would love to have, so you can feel a bit closer.

Play games

Maybe you both have the same game wherever you are so you can set it up while playing through skype. Or just one of you has the game and shows off in the camera what´s going on.
Tips on games: Scotland yard, Monopoly, Cluedo, Pictionary, 21. And that´s just some.

With all the difficulty that it has being apart like that, encounters should be fun, and awesome, so both of you can relief some of the stress away!

And that´s not only for your partner. You can do that with friends and family too. Are they distant and you miss them. Make an effort to be somehow together!

*This is not an sponsored post!

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
How do / did you feel about it?

Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. What a lovely post! Great idea in theory but I don't think I could cope with a long distance relationship no matter how many other ways you can keep in touch so you're a stronger person than me for that xx


  2. My parents live in Brazil, so we keep in touch via Skype. It is amazing how much technology has developed in the past few years and how easy it is to connect with loved ones on the other side of the ocean! :) x

  3. Such a thoughtful way of keeping a relationship alive


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