I´m engaged, what now?

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So you got engaged, and have finished enjoying telling everyone and celebrating with your loved one.

What´s next?
Planning the wedding!

Where to start?
Ah, that´s where most couples get stuck!
So here are the first steps you should take.

Step 1

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Sit down with your partner, grab a piece of paper and a pen.
The most important thing to sort out is budget. But to be able to decide on that you have to decide a few things before.

- Decide if you want a simple civil wedding or a big party wedding, or a destination wedding.
- Decide the size of it. So, how many guests will be invited. Doesn´t have to be exact yet.

Step 2

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We get caught up with the magical part of the party and forget the most important part, which is the actual marriage, the signing of papers that will make your union legal everywhere.

Research all the bureaucratic part of it.
Yes, most planning of weddings forget to mention that licences, and fees related to it exist!
This is not a simple part. Do not under estimate it!
Each place has it´s own way. So find out what that would be.
If you´re in England, these are the steps:

- Give notice. You need to go to your local registry office, both of you, and make an appointment.
This appointment will be an interview were you must prove your residence, who you are, if you have changed names and if you were married before.
This has a 12 month validity.
And there is a fee to be payed for it.

- Setting the date. You need to choose the date and place of ceremony, and have that informed to the registry office.

Step 3

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So far with fees you have spent a bit of money that is not negotiable. And that is out of the way now. So you can actually budget your wedding for real.

- Start a wedding planner. Here´s where you will put all the decisions and information you need for your big day.
- Create a wedding website. This is where you will keep family and friends informed of details about the celebration. (This is completely optional, but I must say it makes a lot easier than having to explain to each person each time they ask.)
- Decide if you´re doing it yourself or you want the help of a wedding planner. Do remember that this will add an extra cost.

What things would you consider as the most important to do?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Congratulations!! Very exciting times lay ahead, I loved planning my wedding, have a great time and enjoy planning it all!

    Helen X

  2. You're right, the most important thing to work out is what your budget is! Great tips, thanks for sharing x


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