How to set up a blog office

If you are a blogger or want to be one, the first thing you notice is that people don´t credit that as something serious and even less as a career!

The positive thing about it, is that it makes you work harder to be understood.

Being a freelancer is already a difficult task by itself, and being a blogger is a tad more complicated, so you will need all the extra help you can get yourself.

The most important part in my opinion is to set up your work station properly.
The less distractions and more professional feel, helps creativity flow much easier! Also, if you have a little home office of your own, people in your life will start seen what you do more seriously.

The space

First, find a space that you will be able to call your own work place. No kids allowed in, or pets, or any other distraction.
This should be like your sanctuary!

Take the time to organise it and decorate it to help you when your posting and help you get creative ideas.

This maybe a small place, but you must feel comfortable in there.

Must have items

You can build up to your own needs, but these items are an absolute must to have before you start:
- Laptop or computer
- Good Internet connection
- Good comfortable table and chair
- Good lighting
- Colourful pens
- Scribble paper or notebook
- Filofax planner
- Ideas mural or inspirational pictures
- Camera, and extra camera equipment
- A photo editor software that will support your needs
- Any other software's you may need to help you with your blog design and posts.

Decor ideas to do with your office

*Pictures from Pinterest.

How is your blog office?

Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. What a lovely idea. I've spent the last 9 years blogging from my sofa, perhaps one day I will have a little space of my own to work from :)

  2. Oh I'd love to have a space like those above! One can dream ;)

  3. Oh wow they are some beautiful spaces! Gosh I wish I had room in my flat x


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