How to avoid Writer´s Block

When you have to relay on your creative thinking to come up with what you are going to write about on a constant basis, with due dates, it seems that you become increasingly blocked!

The more scheduling the worst.

So how to avoid the so called Writer´s Block?

Each person has to find what impulses them for it. Each of us is different. And so I will list a few ideas, some that work wonderful for me, and some that work for others.

As a blogger, you have to come up with good content on a daily basis. And sometimes not only in writing, but also in videos, and interesting memes for your social media.

1. Being a follower

This is a basic and obvious step, but a lot of us forget it.
We need to read other people´s blogs, not only with the same niche but others too. We need to watch other´s videos, and check out their social media.
This is not a copying matter. Not at all.
For instance, when I have a topic I want to talk about, I search on my fellow bloggers if they are writing about it at the same time too, or if they wrote before a better post on the same subject.
Why? That pushes you harder, to do a better job, and not be a copy cat. Be unique!

2. Social media

Nowadays you find from world news to silly things on social media.
Take advantage of it.
When you have run out of ideas, check your social media, amazingly enough a picture may trigger inspiration in you to write a wonderful post and even long stories.
Or maybe, you read a comment from a friend about a certain topic in which you are very opinionated about. Have a go at it.

3. Music

Yes, listen to music. Lyrics may inspire you, or make you think about something that can trigger a post.
Watch a music video, a scene may just do it for you.
And if it´s not flowing still, just stop and dance it out. Your feelings while you dance may help you out.

4. Take a walk

Writers sometimes forget there is life out there, and end up being pasty indoor computer geeks. ;)
Stop. Go for a walk, in a park, on your street, in a mall... whatever. You may just need a change of air!
You may need to look at people, see what they are wearing or how they walk.
I´m sure you will be able to come up with something, maybe something about how you got sun burnt from being exposed to direct sun light for 5 minutes. - it happens, it has happened to me!

5. Eat!

Sometimes absolutely nothing inspires you, and the more you try to think, seems you can think less and less.
That is actually true. The brain works using glucose, which is found in carbohydrates, which surprise surprise, comes from food! hehehe
Give yourself a break, eat nicely, some delicious and nutritious food that will make your tummy happy and you too.
I promise it will be much easier to think after you fed your brain!

6. Prepare

Some days, we are just very inspired, and themes come up to you.
Sit down, soak in that moment, and write down everything you can think of.
You won´t use it all in one day, but having a brainstorm pad close to you when you have a block, will be a life saver for you!

So... What works for you?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. I totally agree, I had really bad writers block a few months back but decided to rebrand and change my direction and stop looking at the stats and found it really changed everything. Great tips though x

  2. I'm bookmarking this for moments when my brain is zapped! Thanks :)

    What works for me is 4,5,6 and a few of my own. I get brain fog a lot! Sometimes you have to get away from tech for 10-20 minutes. I go in to a quiet room and close my eyes and breath deeper. I think sitting at a desk stops your breathing properly, which can make you feel anxious and stressed, and that's no good for your mind.

    Also, grabbing a journal or a note pad and writing any and everything that comes in to your head, even if it makes no sense, that helps me. It's like I'm taking out the rubbish :)


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