Full Everyday Makeup

I´m by no means a makeup artist, or know a lot about it.
I just enjoy it and try to reach what I want with my little knowledge!

So this movie was shot a long time ago, but it still is my favourite everyday makeup routine.

It is a simple, easy, and affordable way to look good but natural if you are a glasses user or not.

Here is the video:

Products I used:

1 - Base: Maybelline´s Super stay 24h
2 - Concealer: Maybelline´s FIT me concealer
3 - Eyeshadow base: NYX in white
4 - Eyeshadow: rose pink no name eyeshadow, MAC pigment in a gold rose number 19.
5 - Eyeliner: black liquid eyeliner with no name
6 - Mascara: Maybelline´s Volum Express The falsies, waterproof mascara in black (the purple packaging) - even though right now I´m a fan of the yellow packaging one! ;)
7 - Eyebrow mascara: transparent mascara for eyebrows with no name.
8 - Powder: Maybelline´s FIT me powder. Even though right now I´m using more of the Super stay 24h powder.
9 - Lipstick: Lancome gold number 288


- I applied the base all over my face with a base brush (my brushes are no name, so don´t bother), and retouched a bit the tips of my fingers to help it set.

- Then I fixed my blemishes  and under eyes with a concealer.

- I prep my eyelids with the eyeshadow base using my fingers.

- Then I dabbed with a little brush some rose pink eyeshadow I had with no name. On top I dabbed MAC´s pigment all over the lid.

- I then made a thin eyeliner, no cat eye, just going in the shape of my eyes, and only on the top lid.

- Finally I added quite a bit of mascara.

- Because I already have full eyebrows, all I do is set the hairs with a transparent eyebrow mascara with no name.

- I set my makeup with a powder, just very lightly, to get rid of massive shine.

- To finalise I put the lipstick, and removed excess with a small bite on a paper towel.

It´s a sweet, romantic look!

*This is not a promotional post, I just simply adore Maybelline!

What do you think of this look?
Would you do it?

Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Beautiful! I wish I had the time (inclination) or budget to put effort into wearing cosmetics. I've reached an age now where it's just a quick wash with a face cloth, moisturizer and a bit of mascara!

  2. Beautiful - love how bright your eyes look! Definitely want to give this look a go :)


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