Flowers live and in colour

Do you know that saying "Stop to smell the roses"?

It is actually referred to reminding ourselves to stop being in such a rush. To enjoy things in life as well.

But have you ever actually stopped to enjoy looking and smelling the flowers?

You will be amazed if you actually do this.
Go for a quick walk in a park, and take a few minutes to enjoy the wonderful things nature brings us!
It is beautiful beyond compare!

Here are some flowers I took pictures of around the world:

Sao Caetano do Sul - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Salisbury - Wiltshire - England

London - Stansted - England

Sao Lourenco - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Munich - Germany

Casalbordino - Abruzzo - Italy

Frutillar - Patagonia - Chile

Puerto Varas - Patagonia - Chile

Santiago - Chile

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

I am a flower admirer! I have no favourite flowers, or colour... Any of them amaze me!
So if you ever want to give me flowers, any colour, kind or quantity will be awesome for me!
Occasions to get flowers, I don´t need occasions! Getting flowers at any time brings a smile to my face!

Do you have a favourite flower? Or a situation you would like to receive them?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. what lovely images i love flowers so much life and colour!

  2. I like flowers also. Although I'm not always awesome at keeping them alive, I prefer to get live flowers to getting cut ones. I don't have a favorite per se, but I am partial to orchids. I had hydrangeas on my wedding cake so I have a soft spot for them also.

  3. I love flowers, those trees especially are really beautiful. I love wildflowers, gypsophila and tea roses.

    Hugs Michelle ||

  4. beautiful flowers! I love getting flowers, my favorite are roses :)


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