Christmas makeup

Since my last makeup tutorial was highly viewed, I decided to do something a little bit more bold this time.
This is my Christmas makeup idea. Very easy!

First start out with your normal face makeup, that being a full premier, base, concealer and powder, or a simple BB cream.

Start with your eyes. Do a wash on the lid with a white eyeshadow.
Make it stronger in the inner corner of the eyes, on the top and bottom, this will illuminate your look.

Then choose a shimmery dark green eyeshadow. Start darker on the outer corner of your eyes, and build up in a smokey manner.
Do that on the upper lid and lower lid.

With a black eyeliner, line your eye normally but no cat eye. You may use a red eyeliner or any other colour eyeliner. It will look cute.

Once you get to the part were you would wing it, draw a little bow.
Put some mascara on, I chose black to go along with the eyeliner colour, but you can do red mascara, maybe blue, or whatever you like.

Your eyes are done!

Moving on to the lips. Prep your lips with a nude colour lipstick or a base, all to hold your lipstick for longer.
If you´re choosing a dark colour, like a bright red, it is better to line your lips before putting the lipstick on.
I lined it with a red lip liner, to then fill the lips with my dark red lipstick. Try using a lip brush to keep the lips well formed. Dark colours may make a lot of Oopsies! ;)

If you want to do contouring, blush, powders and so on, now this is the time. Because you´re done.

If you try this makeup, send me pictures of it! I would love to see your intake on it!

And just to add to the subject, don´t forget to throw your makeup utilities in the bin, and not in the toilet!
*No toilets were harmed in this tutorial!

What do you think of this kind of makeup?
Would you do it?

Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Wow you look amazing - I love the shade you are using on your eye - great for a festive night out

    Laura x

  2. Excellent tutorial lovely, I adore your colour choices

    Hugs Michelle ||


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