Christmas Decor

Christmas is coming, and even though we are not a religious family, we like the decor. Love the tree all nice and colourful, candles, lights and so on.

So in this post I decided to show you how my family decorated for this Christmas!

As you can see in the picture above, that´s the living room entrance.
On the left side there is a table with a whole bunch of Jesus births that my mom has collected over the years.

There is 2 small tables, one by the door and one in front that are filled with candles, snow man and Santa.
And finally to the right is our big, gorgeous tree.

Take a closer look:

From left to right: first is a run from Brazil, at the back it´s a birth from Venezuela, and in front is a birth from Chile.

Left to right: a typical churchy birth bought in Brazil, behind is a Peruvian birth, next to it is a Venezuelan birth, just in the centre is a birth from the Vatican, the metal birth is a modern Venezuelan one, right behind is a little bottled birth from Venezuela too, and on the right is a stone carved egg shaped birth from Brazil.

On the left is a Argentinean birth, At the centre back is a Brazilian one, and on the right is a Venezuelan one.

These are the 2 small tables. Both Santa's are candles, and there is colourful candles at the bottom table. At the top of the table is a bell that plays Christmas songs, a snow man, and a camel from Dubai with a star.

The tree! This tree I bought in Dubai, before this one we had a small skinny tree, poor thing. While this one is a bit more than 2 meters tall, and very full!
We have a lot more tree decor, but this year we decided to keep it more to the lines and balls.
At the top we have an angel that my grandma gave us many years ago, and at the bottom there is another angel sitting on my cat´s spot, so she keeps knocking her over! hehehehe

We have 2 doors to the outside, on the door that leads into the kitchen we have this hung.
Our first greenery. It was just the red round part with the white bear. My mom updated it by adding some leaves, bells and the red flower on top.

But my mom´s most creative and 100% made by her greenery is the one bellow:

This is on our main door. It is by far my most favourite piece of the whole Christmas decor we have!
Take your time to look at the details! There are fruits, flowers, leaves, owl, butterflies, bows and it goes on.
What do you think of it?

What about your decor? If you made a post about your decor, please link it in the comments below, I would love to see it!
If not, send me pictures! I love looking at this stuff!!!!

Sooo, leave me a comment letting me know.


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