A cat´s birthday

Today is my cat´s birthday, she turns 9 years old!
So I decided to make a little post on her 8 years that she´s been with us, and as if she was writing it.


my name is Pussy. Yeah, my mom was very original to name me. She nick names me Pussa. Hehehe

Anyway, I was a street cat, totally clueless. I didn´t know how to hunt, and worst, got myself pregnant before my 1 year of age.
Because of this I was not able to feed myself or my future babies. And these wonderful people found me pregnant and almost dying. They took me to the vet and they had to deliver my babies right away, and that´s when they found out they were already dead inside me.
I was very small and weak, I had the size of a 4 month old kitty, but I was almost 1 year old.

Luckily I survived, those people fed me and got me all fixed up to go for adoption. And 2 months after my 1st year birthday I had my own family!

Mommy says she went to the adoption place looking for a male kitty, but when she knelt down to check him out, I just showed up and sat on her lap.
She fell in love with me right there and adopted me instead!

A few days later I arrived at mommy´s house, but I was so afraid. So I hid under the kitchen cabinets, and she put food and water close to me.

I was still afraid, she tried giving me space to explore and be cool, but instead when they weren´t looking I hid myself and didn´t come out.
Mommy says they whole family looked for me for 2 days like crazy and were pretty desperate!
She kept asking herself "How has she not come out to eat, pee or poo at least, I must have killed her!"
But she was wrong, I was just hiding inside an unused plant pot, that was black and so am I, so I hid perfectly!

On the second day, mommy decided to have 1 last look before calling the adoption people, and that´s when I moved a little and she saw me!
If you look closely, you can even see how teary her eyes were when she found me!

After that, I realised how much this family liked me, and that they didn´t want to hurt me, so I started to get to know them.
This picture below is my first picture with auntie! We were both kids!

I had a little problem with my ears in the beginning, and so mommy had to put medication in them, so for a while I had fuzzy weird ears, I also had worms, and had to take medication for it too! But it got all better!
And man, was I getting good food! I was even allowed to sleep anywhere I wanted!!!

I only had 1 horrible experience. My first bath!
Oh man, I did not like that! But the good thing is that because I was so afraid of the hair drier, mommy wrapped me in towels and sat with me until I got all warm and dried. I would even fall asleep!

You know I told you I was pregnant when they found me? Well, I had mommy instincts with me still, so all the small teddy's mommy had, I treated like they were my babies. I would lick them and sleep with them. 

Well, enough story time, I´m just going to put some pictures now!
How cute am I?

Every year, I get food goodies for my birthday, like tuna or cat biscuits, and for Christmas I get other stuff too!

Being with mommy to sun tan, to warm up, to sleep, to hide when I´m frightened or to play is just great!
This is my family! My grandpa reading emails with me, my auntie teaching me to play keyboard - although I prefer listening to her playing, my grandma giving me some love, and my mommy doing a selfie with me!

In this one, I´m playing with a trolley, the bottom left i´m looking at a bee of some sort, the middle one I´m trying to tell mommy not to leave again, and the last one I was playing with some fabric!

As you can see I love sleeping, anywhere, on paper, on bed, on laptop... oh, and they sometimes put that flower thing on my forehead... I kind of like it.

I like drinking water from the tap, posing for pictures, but one thing is sure I don´t like - that stupid bow!

And you know why mommy adopted me?
She met this really sweet cat that was her aunt´s, called Ashes, and thanks to him she convinced her parents to have a cat, and found me! I never met him, he passed away now, but check him out:

Well, I hope you have enjoyed checking me out a lot!
Mommy says I posted too much, but hey, it´s only once right?!
Little licks to you all!
Puss Puss

Isn't that cute?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. OMG that is the sweetest thing I have ever read! That is such a wonderful and special cat! Lucky you!

  2. Awww you're kitty is so sweet - I loved this post and the wee black spot of colour of her nose is too cute. x


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