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Me and a Cheesecake at Mugg & Bean - Johannesburg, South Africa.
Alright, it was about time a very different post came up.

Celebrity Cruises #tasteoftravel is doing a competition for bloggers, where they ask you to write about the best food you´ve tasted around the world.

If you feel interested in taking part of it, check out the Competition, and the Terms and Conditions.


A glorious, summery, refreshing seafood salad in England. Although this is a starter, the size could feed well as a main dish too.
I´m a lover of seafood, and even if England is known to be gloomy, grey, and rainy, my experience that day was very different. A bright sunny, warm and happy day, while visiting the area of Wiltshire, and seeing beautiful architecture and great history, a pause to eat this plate of cucumber, lettuce, tomato, corn, salmon and shrimp starter was just the perfect delightful touch that I needed.


Oh yes! That´s right! My favourite dish EVER!!!
This is an amazing seafood platter, served in a frying pan that I had in South Africa.
So the big deal is first that instead of the plate you get a whole frying pan filled with goodies!
In this case I had mussels with a creamy gorgeous cheese sauce, that is not at all heavy, it´s just the most perfect match to go with the mussels. Apart from it there are butter glazed shrimp. The shrimp just has the same buttery awesome texture that you would expect from pure butter, but also very lightly peppered! And to top it all, they are sitting on a bed of perfect fries, that have been flavoured not just with salt and pepper but also that butter and cheese sauce.
I could just become an obese happily if I could only have that platter everyday of my life!


I must say, that the perfect dessert after a perfect meal is an absolute must!
I am a dessert addict, so this is kind of hard to choose between cheesecake, lemon pie, tiramissu, and so on. I chose the Argentinean Alfajor!
But not just any alfajor, a coconut topped alfajor.
This is a delicious 2 cookies sandwiched with a great condensed milk in between, covered in gorgeous dark chocolate coating and coconut shavings on top!
Oh my goodness! It was makes your mouth water!

Now that you´ve read my 3 course meal, write yours, and let me know!!!
I nominate Rebecca from Munchies and Munchkins, Charlotte from The world according to Charlotte Coster, Laura from Strawberries and Face cream, and Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog.


  1. Oh wow.... that main sound divine... I do love mussels and shrimp/prawns... my mouth is watering just looking at the pictures. My favourite 3 courses are no where as mouth watering as yours.
    For starters I would have giant king prawns in a garlic butter with fresh bread to mop up the juices after, or when I was in Florida a place made an onion look like a flower, covered it in a coating and fried it... it was a great sharing starter.
    Main would be lobster and shrimp with a cheese sauce, I cant remember exactly what it was called, but I could eat that all day everyday, it was mixed together in the claw with something else.
    Dessert would have to be anything with cream, caramel or toffee, and chocolate, probably like a big sundae....

    .... and that's why im not skinny.... my mouth is seriously still watering!

  2. The meal sounds delicious! My favourite course would be the seafood platter as I love seafood!

  3. ohhh yum ! yay Ocean Basket features as your main meal.I do love their food.Those biscuits look interesting x


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