My wedding dress got delivered

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So I´ll get married in civil ceremony only for now, in January.
And I looked for a dress to it in a whole bunch of shops, tried a lot of things on.
But the dress I wanted and liked was in no physical shop.

It was on an Internet website.

Oh but I went for it.
It took 20 days more than it was supposed to arrive, but it did!!!

The problem is, when I measured myself I was this one size, and now I have lost weight.
And guess what?
The dress is big!!!

So now, I got to find myself someone to fix it for me.
Problem is, it has details that I don´t think can be moved, and there´s quite a bit of shrinking to do.

So I´m excited but, I still can´t see exactly what it is going to look like on the day.

It is a fitted dress, so it kind of has to be on my exact size.

I would love to show it, but my fiance may read the blog, and I don´t want him to see it before hand.

So, I´ll post some beautiful dress pictures that got me quite confused on what I wanted.

At first I wanted something like these:

Chiffon and Lace Knee Length Wedding Dress Size 12 | eBay

Dress for a courthouse wedding :  wedding  7003613

2014 New Designer Elegant Scoop Neckline Sheath Lace Short Wedding Dresses SF01433 $95.00

But because it will be in winter, I ended up choosing something of this sort:

* Pictures from Pinterest.

What do you think?

Leave me a comment letting me know what you think.


  1. I considered ordering my dress online but opted to go with a physical store. I love the last dress! It is beautiful! Dress shopping is hard, much harder than I thought it would be. I am 95% sure I found my dress and it is exactly what I didn't want. ;o) Good Luck!

  2. Love them all - the second one is probably my favorite! You will know what to do!!!!! Blessings to you!

  3. such beautiful dresses.Cant wait to see what you wear.All the best and congrats x


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